Bristol Blenheim MkI at IWM Duxford

Some pictures of the Bristol Blenheim at Duxford can be seen here on my other website.

Thoughts on Military History

It is not very often that I write about aircraft. I know that is odd for someone whose job title is Aviation Historian, but, as those of you who know me personally will testify, my interests lie in the organisations that manage military aviation rather than the equipment. Indeed, my PhD only mentioned one aircraft by name! However, that does not mean that I am not fascinated by aircraft and flight. Actually, long before I became a historian, I wanted to be a pilot – how original I hear you say – but that, for various reasons, never happened. Nevertheless, fascination with flight has never left me and I still enjoy going to airshows and aviation museums when the chance arises. That chance came yesterday when, as a Father’s Day treat, I was taken to the Imperial War Museum’s site at Duxford, which is, actually, only the second time…

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