A Model a Decade… and 15 Minutes of Modelling

It is that time of year when everyone is writing about how many models they have built during the year (see here and here, for example). Indeed, Matt McDougall at Doogs Models has gone as far as to reflect on a decade of modelling. To say that I am jealous of his output is an... Continue Reading →

A Brief Update…

I have not been completely idol recently, I promise. I have been moving along slowly with a few projects. First up is the Bavarian Jager bust from H&V Miniatures. I am now in the final stages of this piece. It is intricate details that need working on, such as buttons and piping. This part helps... Continue Reading →

#WiP – Tamiya 1/48 BA-64B

This is the Tamiya 1/48 BA-64B Soviet armoured car. I started this as a quick weekend project a couple of months ago. However, as usual, I did not build it quickly; I never do! I have not done anything to the kit as the intention is that this will act as a paint mule so... Continue Reading →

#WiP – Bavarian Jager Bust

Little modelling has been done of late primarily because I was working in Canberra last week. However, small steps have been made on the Bavarian Jager bust. Principally, I have been working on webbing for the piece. These are black leather, but rather than just leaving them in a single monotone colour, I am trying... Continue Reading →

#Review – Jim’s Bases

When I work on a project, I try to treat every aspect of the project with the same focus, though I do not always succeed. A vital element of this is the selection of a suitable base to go along with the project. For example, with regards to building a piece of armour, I think... Continue Reading →

#WiP – Bavarian Jager Bust

You will remember that I started this piece a while back. Just as a reminder, this a small bust of a Franco-Prussian War Bavarian Jager by Heroes and Villains Miniatures. However, for several reasons I have not been happy with the finish. One of the issues was the uniform colour. Bavarian Cornflower Blue, as we... Continue Reading →

One Fixed Airbrush

Before I stopped painting, I was using an airbrush to help lay in basic coats and general shadows. However, my break from painting, and my move to Australia meant I had not been doing much painting. Added to that it appeared that my airbrush had gained a blockage! Nevertheless, a good soak in some acetone... Continue Reading →

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