15 Minutes of Modelling – An Update

Ok, so the other day I reflected that to try and improve my productivity, I would try and do at least 15 minutes of modelling a day. Given that promise, and that I really need to start using this blog more regularly, here is a quick update. Before I get started, however, here is a... Continue Reading →

A Model a Decade… and 15 Minutes of Modelling

It is that time of year when everyone is writing about how many models they have built during the year (see here and here, for example). Indeed, Matt McDougall at Doogs Models has gone as far as to reflect on a decade of modelling. To say that I am jealous of his output is an... Continue Reading →

A Brief Update…

I have not been completely idol recently, I promise. I have been moving along slowly with a few projects. First up is the Bavarian Jager bust from H&V Miniatures. I am now in the final stages of this piece. It is intricate details that need working on, such as buttons and piping. This part helps... Continue Reading →

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