A Model a Decade… and 15 Minutes of Modelling

It is that time of year when everyone is writing about how many models they have built during the year (see here and here, for example). Indeed, Matt McDougall at Doogs Models has gone as far as to reflect on a decade of modelling. To say that I am jealous of his output is an... Continue Reading →

Boer Commando – Finished

This is one of the projects that has gone on and on. Indeed, the earliest post I can find on this blog related to this piece dates to 2009! In many respects, this piece has followed me as my life has changed over the past decade. However, I can now thankfully call it finished. Carl... Continue Reading →

Boer Commando WIP 5

Here are some more pics of this Boer Commando from El Greco Miniatures. This has been a long term project; I have been painting since April 2009. I decided to change the colour of the jacket from a light tan colour to a umber shade. I think it work better with the overall feel of... Continue Reading →

A Few Updates…

Due to my research at uni modelling has taken a bit of back seat of the past couple of months, which is a bit frustrating. On the other hand this is one of the great things about this hobby in that you can put it on the back burner for a time but it then... Continue Reading →

Boer Commando WIP 4

Some more pics of this one as it stood after a first coat of acylics. I have been working on the hat. Trying to get a worn look to it. I had planned for it to be a cloth hat but I have decided to change it to a leather hat, which will mean a... Continue Reading →

2009’s Builds

Here are some pics of what I have managed to complete this year. 9 builds in total which is records for me in recent years. A good mix of builds too; aircraft, armour and of course figures. I managed to fulfil a new years resolution by completing an aircraft, well actually 3. It is unlikely... Continue Reading →

Boer Commando WIP 3

Some more on this one... The hair is almost there. I am just going to apply a light wash of paynes grey. I have also started painting the eyes. Not finished. I need to add the pupils and finish the whites. You can also see a bit a magic sculpt to fix a small gap... Continue Reading →

Boer Commando WIP 2

Earlier in the year I started painting El Greco's Boer Commando as sculpted by Carl Reid. However, I was not happy with the attempt so I decided to strip it and restart it. This time I have got a much more rugged look to the face. Here are some pics of the initial work. I... Continue Reading →

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