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I am a historian and defence specialist living in Brisbane, Australia. I am lucky enough to call my interest and passion my profession. This blog is about my passion for military modelling. I have been modelling since 1993 and, of course, like many of us, I have had the usual break due to family, studying and growing up. However, my enjoyment of the hobby has never left me. I started off as an aircraft modeller but then moved on to armour and principally figures. I now do a bit of anything and everything. I am also a passionate photographer and you can find out more about my photography here.

Ross Mahoney

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  1. My name is Victor Feodorov. I’m a plastic model enthusiast and specialize in 1/35 scale models of German armour/weaponry. I’ve been building models since 1995 and have picked up many tricks along the way which I’ll share as the months go by. I invite you to submit your work with a short description and I’ll happily post it. It’s my hope that this blog will serve as a source for technique and information as well as a forum for displaying models. If you share my passion for modeling, German weaponry and World War II, I encourage you to comment and/or submit your work. I’ll do the same. Perhaps in this way we can expand our network and share the techniques to bring our 1/35 scale models to life. Would it be possible to submit my link, http://armourpro.wordpress.com/

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